The Show Poster for AIGA Louisville

Being on the board for AIGA Louisville has some perks, occasionally as time permits, members get to do designs for our events. I was able to design the poster for the second annual “The Show” – AIGA Louisville’s yearly awards event.

In years past, as the LGDA (Louisville Graphic Design Association) each year the award was different – while neat and exciting it also took a long time to design and coordinate, time spent that the board could be using to facilitate more programs and events. In the move to AIGA it was decided to streamline our yearly awards show; along with moving to a single event (it was previously two: the “Pre-Show” and “100 Show”), a single award was also chosen the “Julep Cup”.


Part of the process – sketching out ideas.


Here is the final poster.


The invitation.


A unused alternate mark.


Here’s a photo of the Julep Cup award, courtesy of @patrick_spears

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