The Show Poster for AIGA Louisville

Being on the board for AIGA Louisville has some perks, occasionally as time permits, members get to do designs for our events. I was able to design the poster for the second annual “The Show” – AIGA Louisville’s yearly awards event. In years past, as the LGDA (Louisville Graphic Design Association) each year the award… Read the full article »

It’s all about that password?

In the past few years online banking sites, social media outlets (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook) and even Google passwords have been compromised. If the site does not have a two-step verification process, your password is the only thing that protects your critical information. SplashData just released their annual list of stolen passwords for 2014, At JUMP… Read the full article »

Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Google has recently started to send notifications through webmaster tools about sites not being mobile friendly. Although Google has been indexing and categorizing mobile specific content since 2011, they recently (in January) sent out warnings to a number of webmasters (via Google Webmaster Tools) whose sites were not mobile friendly.  The warnings noted that the… Read the full article »

When It’s Time To Revamp Your Website

First impressions matter. You wouldn’t walk into an important meeting or consultation wearing an outfit that’s old and worn out would you? What would you think if a vendor or partner came to your office wearing an old, or worn out suit to a meeting with you? Would you hand a potential client brochures or… Read the full article »